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  • Screw Spike and Surface Treatment2014-03-17
    Screw spike, or lag bolt, is a kind of railway fasterner which was first introduced in 1860 in France (French tire-fond), and became common in continental Europe. It is _disibledevent="line-height:2.5;"> Read more -->
  • Introduction of Rail Spikes and Rail screws2014-03-14
    Rail spikes Rusted cut spikes (scale in inches)Dog spikeA rail spike (also known as a cut spike or crampon) is a large nail with an offset head that is used to secure rails and base plates to railroad ties in the track. Robert Livings... Read more -->
  • History and overview of Rail fastening system2014-03-04
    The earliest wooden rails were fixed to wooden sleepers by pegs through holes in the rail, or by nails. By the 18th century cast iron rails had come into use, and also had holes in the rail itself to allow them to be fixed to a supp... Read more -->

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