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Russia a rising demanding railway fastener market.

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Russia a rising demanding railway fastener market.

Russia operates the world's second-largest railway network with 85,000km.By 2030 Russian Railways (RZD) is investing €330.8 billion into a modernisation programme to upgrade the existing railway and to expand the network: Construction of up to 20,000km of new routes, upgrade of 13,800km of freight lines for heavy axle loads, as well as the acquisition of 23,300 modern locomotives, 29,500 passenger cars and nearly a million freight cars.

Russia Railway Fastener

High-speed rail links are being built for large scale sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup in 2018 to link major Russian cities, total investment cost €137.5 billion

RZD is working on improving major east-west freight corridors in order to develop a fast transit corridor between Europe and Asia, such as planned investments of about US$6 billion in the development of the Trans-Siberian railway by 2020

Railway fastener such as rail bolt,rail spike, tension clip, fish plate are key items of railway fastening system, so it can be just that Russia is a rising demanding railway fastener market.

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