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With the notable exception of Austral Africa, most railways are disconnected lines reaching inland from the ports, serving small markets.

Few railways have invested in rehabilitation and renewing infrastructure and rolling stock; operational parameters are not adapted to a modern and efficient mass transport capacity. HR are ageing and skills are missing.

Development schemes are too often penalized by a nostalgic view of passenger transport.

The development of a strong competitive African economy cannot be based quasi exclusively on road transport and requires a mass transport capacity, available at an acceptable cost.

African growth cannot depend mainly on exports to non-African and distant markets; investment in inter connexion of transport networks is one of the conditions for the emergence of regional markets.

Average annual African GDP has been growing those last years, with corresponding increases in trade; despite the generally favourable economic background, railways have not enough taken this opportunity.

Growth or decline of traffic by rail has often very little to do with changes in underlying demand, but mainly with the condition of the infrastructure and the rolling stock as well as with the global performance and the railway service quality.

Network 3 641 km of track, out of which 858 km electrified.

Activities 2 river Ports, lakeside & river navigation, 1 Shipyard, Road transport, Schools and medical establishments

National coverage 7 provinces coverage : 2 Kasaï, Katanga, Maniema, Province Orientale et Sud Kivu

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