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The Date and Holding Place of Africa Rail 2014

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Africa Rail 2014 will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa,01 - 02 July 2014. Africa Rail 2014 is an International Fair about Railway, Shipping & Aviation Products, Spares & Equipment.

The Africa Rail Conference will hold plenary session and discussion on many special topics of major concern, making it very informative and unique. The main theme of the conference will be Funding Mechanisms; Driving Investment; Concessioning 2.0; Rail Business Models & Implementation; Capacity and Market Demand; Regional Panels; Passenger Rail and New Developments. The Africa Rail Summit will provide an intellectual platform for the participants to discuss about the current and upcoming issues with senior level executives and academicians from different countries. The technical committees of the conference will carefully review the submitted conference papers. While being a complete high-end conference it aims to set new benchmarks.

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